$800.00 plus GST

Review & Renew

We take a look at your existing site with you and see what can be improved. Perhaps the info is out of date, the look a bit old or your search engine performance is not what you would like? We work with you to develop a new website, using WordPress, of up to five pages. Note, this plan does not include e-commerce, which is available in our NFP full package.


We move your existing website to our fast and reliable hosted service. We take care of your website for you.

WordPress Car Plan

Why take a care plan?

Your website is one of the leading internet “faces” of your brand. It is critical that your site functions correctly, is fast and secure, and ensures a great user experience. If you value discovery on search engines like Google, these factors rate highly in your enterprise being easy to find and trusted.

Many organisations have a website built and never really maintained until there is a significant problem. Our plans ensure your website runs smoothly, securely and is a plus for your brand.

Our care plans are hosted on a cloud, allowing us full access to your website backend to keep it bubbling along, happy and safe. Cloud servers have systems to ensure that downtime is exceedingly rare. They provide fast, secure, and reliable service to your enterprise.

Who is this plan for?

This plan suits smaller websites, typically three to seven pages. If you want a cost-effective service that still provides all the basics and keeps you looking your best and secure, the Basic WordPress Hosted Care Plan is for you.

Some customers find they need a bit more. Well, you can always start with this plan and upgrade later.

What do you get?

The Basic WordPress Care Plan features are chosen to keep things ticking over nicely for smaller websites and the budget-minded. No matter what level you choose, you always get first-class service. The other plans get you more features, or the same features more regularly.

Our price includes moving your existing website to our hosted servers and account setup.


What is not included?

Any fees that you may owe to your existing provider(s).

What can you expect from us?

First up, we provide courteous, friendly, and professional service. We have worked in the not-for-profit business and understand your passion, commitment and your operational environment.

We communicate in everyday language and avoid as much tech speak as possible.

We work to provide top service at cost-effective rates. We want as much of your organisation’s funds devoted to the people you are there to help.


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